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Robert Anderson

Robert Anderson

Great service and super friendly! The owner is more than willing to go above as beyond for his Customers! Two thumbs up

Family Auto has been my families' mechanic for almost ten years. The owner has helped me buy two different cars, and has always been extremely helpful with anything I needed through the entire process. I think one of the biggest things you look for when dealing with auto service is honesty. The owner has continued to be up front, honest, and fair whenever I have talked to him. Just bought a car from him for the second time, and over a two week extremely dragged out process he was always polite, honest, and helpful whenever we talked. If you have any doubts, just go in for any routine maintenance and talk to the owner. I'm sure you will enjoy your experience.

T-TEN graduates are confident and productive technicians-with Toyota and industry certifications that separate them from the crowd.

Toyota Technician Certification

There are four levels of certified technicians at Toyota. Each successive level requires more education and carries additional responsibilities. Dealerships typically increase pay scales as technicians climb through the levels.


Family Auto Clinic of Rowley Massachusetts is (L1) Advanced Engine Performance Specialist certified.

About ASE certifications

aseASE offers certification tests for automotive professionals at 750 locations around the country administered by ACT, Inc. These involve several exams, the passing of which, added with two years of relevant hands-on work experience, will merit certification. Some forms of formal training will also satisfy part of the 2 year work experience requirement. A re-certification track is also offered for those who have had previous certification. An ASE certificate serves as proof of one's competence and effectiveness. Upon certification, the certified applicant will also receive an ASE shoulder insignia, wallet I.D. card and a wall certificate suitable for framing. ASE certification is usually required (not by law but by employers) for those interested in pursuing a career in automotive mechanic/auto mechanic or automotive technician service.

Testing is done twice a year for the written version. ASE now holds a computer based test as well.
Additionally ASE certification is not just for technicians anymore and apply to all manner of jobs relating to the Automotive Industry.


Family Auto Clinic can provide installation service the Nismo performance products for your Nissan.  Contact us for details.History

In 1984, Nissan decided that it wanted to merge its two motorsport division, founded in the late 1960s, they were Publication Division 3, based in its Oppama factory, responsible for the needs of privateer teams and Special Car Testing Division, within its ?mori plant, responsible for its factory operations.  The company's intention following the merger was to specialize in sportscar racing, but it also provided support for teams competing in the domestic F3 series.
In 1988, Nismo built its first car, the Saurus for motorsport use for its one-make series. The following year they developed the Skyline GT-R for racing as well as building the 500 evolution editions for road use.

Nismo Products

Tuning kits

Nismo designs and manufactures a range of aftermarket performance parts for Nissan cars including aerodynamic parts such as spoilers and diffusers, alloy wheels, engine and suspension parts.
Most Datsun, Nissan, and Infiniti branded cars have performance parts available from Nismo, either in production or as old stock. For example, Nismo sells parts such as unground cam billets, performance cams, pistons, etc. for the KA24E engine, which was used in the Nissan small pickup truck for several years and also used for the 1989 and 1990 model years of 240SX, a popular car among Import scene enthusiasts (especially Drifters) in North America.
In Japan, the V35 Skyline and Z33 Fairlady have both received several levels of Nismo tuning packages (E-Type, S-Tune, R-Tune, and S1 packages), with a full track spec Fairlady Z debuted at the 2005 Nismo Festival of Speed held at (formerly) Fuji International Raceway.
In February 2007, Nismo announced the launch of the Nismo 380RS. The Nismo 380RS is a factory modified version of the Nissan Z33 Fairlady Z tuned by both Nismo and Autech. Two versions were released, the first was a track-only model called the 380RS-C (C for competition), the second is a street model being sold at Nissan dealers. Both versions use a Nissan VQ series V6 engine, bored and stroked to 3.8L. The track-only 380RS-C makes 400 hp (298 kW), and the street version makes approximately 350 hp (261 kW). The Nismo 380RS was only sold in Japan.
Complete cars
When Nismo released the Skyline GT-R R34 V-Spec complete car, the Z-Tune. Because there was a limitation in the number of parts, Nismo was only able to create 20 of them. The complete version sells for 17,745,000 Yen (USD $146,600, as of December 7, 2005) in Japan. However, the parts-conversion version, where the customer's Skyline GT-R's become the base car, sells for 13,125,000 Yen (USD $108,500, as of December 7, 2005). However, it is known that the GT-R Z-tune can exceed the $180,000 USD price tag in car market. The engine is an RB26DETT Z2 (a normal GT-R engine with a stroked displacement of 2.8 liters & Nismo parts designed specifically for the Z2). All of the Z-Tunes have been sold already. The car weighs 1,600 kg (3,527 lb).
Nismo was also responsible for the R33 Skyline 400R and S14 Silvia 270R models. Both featured comprehensive modifications to the drivetrain, suspension, brakes, chassis, and aero work. Very limited numbers of both models were sold in 1997, and both command high resale prices even today. These models stressed Nismo's link to street car tuning, and were developed (as was the Z-Tune GT-R) at their Chiba City tuning garage. Nismo street tuned vehicles have been sold at Nissan dealerships for years, and come with full warranties.



For Nissan service on the North Shore of Massachusetts, Family Auto Clinic has the experience, the equipment, and the technicians to properly diagnose and then repair your vehicle properly and professionally without voiding any factory warranties. We guarantee it at a price that is fair to you! 100% customer satisfaction is what we strive for.

Call to inquire about our Nismo Performance Service.

Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. shortened to Nissan, is a multinational automaker headquartered in Japan. It was formerly a core member of the Nissan Group, but has become more independent after its restructuring under Carlos Ghosn (CEO).

It formerly marketed vehicles under the "Datsun" brand name and is one of the largest car manufacturers. As of August 2009, the company's global headquarters are located in Nishi-ku, Yokohama. In 1999, Nissan entered a two way alliance with Renault S.A. of France, which owns 44.4% of Nissan while Nissan holds 15% of Renault shares, as of 2008. Nissan is among the top three Asian (also known as the Japanese Big 3 Automakers) rivals of the "Big Three" in the U.S. Currently it is the third largest Japanese car manufacturer. It also manufactures the Infiniti luxury brand.

The Nissan VQ engines, of V6 configuration, have featured among Ward's 10 Best Engines for 14 straight years, since the award's inception.

The pronunciation of its name is different in different markets. In the U.S., the brand is pronounced /?ni?s??n/, while in the UK it is /?n?sæn/. In Japanese, it is [nis?a?].

asefulllogoThe National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) also certifies the technicians at our repair shop. Established in 1972, ASE works to improve the quality of vehicle repairs to ensure that you get the best service possible. Each ASE-certified technician must pass one of ASE's 40 exams and have a minimum of 2 years of auto repair experience. You know you can trust the knowledgeable, certified repair technicians at our repair shop for all your automotive repair needs.

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Purchase a fuel efficient vehicle, either new or used, such as; a Nissan Sentra, Toyota Camry or Corolla, Honda Civic.

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  • Hayley I. Great service and super friendly! The owner is more than willing to go above as beyond for his Customers! Two thumbs up
  • Sean S. Family Auto has been my families' mechanic for almost ten years. The owner has helped me buy two different cars, and has always been extremely helpful with anything I needed…
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